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Tuesday Tip #71: Highlight Errors

Some days we can't ask for the thirty minutes we need to proofread and edit a document. Interruptions and other obligations crowd our day making it hard to remember where we left off with corrections. That is where today's tip comes in handy!

Highlight errors as you go to quickly proofread and edit documents. Errors will stand out when you go to create a final draft, and you'll never lose your place no matter what the day throws your way.

We recommend using a color that sticks out on the page without blurring text (yellow, pink, or green work well). Darker colors like blue or purple can leave you squinting at the page.

This isn't a new practice! Writers like Geoff Dyer and Lee Gutkind have been known to highlight text as they edit to mark sentences in need of restructuring or repetitions.

Grab a highlighter and get to it!



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