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Work 'N Go

July 24, 2018


Consulting can come with the stress of managing clients, networking, and wearing many hats, but it can also mean the freedom to set your own schedule, tackle passion projects, and work on the go.


This month we were lucky enough to have a project in Morocco! But, remote work isn't as glamorous as it looks. Between struggling to get a decent wifi signal and juggling time zones, it can leave you frustrated, exhausted, and feeling like you're falling behind. Here's three tips from our recent travel on how to work 'n go without breaking a sweat! 


1) Automation! If you haven't prior to traveling, automate key systems in your business like your calendar, email, and social media. These small tasks help keep your business running smoothly, and gives you time to focus on more pressing work. 


2) Be a hotspot...a wifi hotspot that is. No matter how much planning and preparation is put into your travel arrangements, wifi is unpredictable. Be on top of it with these cool tools: 

       -- VPN in Touch:          A free wifi app with a security regulation system to protect

                                      transactions and activity on public wifi. Users can even conceal

                                      their idenitity.

      -- Free Wi-Fi Hotspots:   Discover nearby hotspot networks all over the world (with +50

                                      countries covered by the app). Hotspots show up on a map for                                            easy navigation to boot.

      -- Skyroam Hotspot:      With coverage in +120 countries, Skyroam can have up to 5

                                      devices connnected at once. It is 3G, but consumers swear your                                          texting and Google Maps needs will be covered no matter where                                        you fly next. Tip: bring a power bank if you have a full day                                                planned, otherwise this device will run out of battery in a few                                              hours. (Amazon: $79.99)

      -- KnowRoaming Global SIM Sticker: This slim device takes the bulk out of travel gadgets 

                                      for access to data, wifi, and a call forwarding feature in +200

                                      countries. With 4G coverage (in +60 countries), speed won't be

                                      an issue. This device is compatible with iPhones, Android,                                                  Windows Mobile, iPads, and tablets, but be warned their data                                          packages run high. Bonus: certain plans include free WhatsApp                                          usage so you can stay in touch with friends and family on the go!

                                      (Amazon: $29.98)

3) Embrace mobile work. Lugging a computer around is heavy, and tablets can be a burden during a long day. We found ourselves working from our phone more than ever during this last trip. Not only did it keep our load light, it allowed us to exploit opportunities to squeeze in an hours worth of work whenever and wherever we were (with a decent wifi signal). Plus, connecting a mobile is seamless, which means you can get to work at the crammed corner table without the hassle! 

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