Industry Question: Do I need an Editor?

Perhaps you’ve dealt with proofreaders or copy editors before, but a common question edi. hears is: Do I really need an editor? So, this week we decided to share 7 reasons why you should keep an editor in your back pocket.

  1. Fresh mind, fresh eyes…

You’ve stared at the screen till cross-eyed and your brain has turned to mush. Give ‘em a rest while an editor gets down to business. Studies show we gloss over mistakes the more we've looked at a document.

  1. Get an upgrade…

Free digital services might seem like a perfectly fine alternative, but Spellcheck won’t catch misused words. The last thing you need is a sneaky homonym messing with your content.

  1. Syntax made simple…

Jumbled, wordy, compound sentences can leave your audience scratching their head. Avoid the confusion with the blind read an editor provides.

  1. Stay on point…

Comma splices abound, but not when you’ve got an editor. They’ll clean up pesky punctuation marks in no time.

  1. From a galaxy far, far away…

That investor dossier may be your baby, but an editor is a neutral, third-party acting as a buffer between you and the shark you hope to haul on board. The distance they bring makes remaining grammatical errors disappear and ensures the professional presentation your company deserves.

  1. Check, check, + check…

Plagiarizing is about more than copy + paste. The last thing your company needs is a TM suit on its hands when an editor can verify original content with ease.

  1. Calm, cool, + collected…

Know you can be confident about the content, format, and presentation of any document with insights from a reliable source.




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