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Giveback Feature: Shell + GravityLight

At the end of November, edi. shared Shell’s #makethefuture partnership with GravityLight, but we thought we'd shed some light (pun and all) on why we are excited about a bag of falling rocks…

GravityLight, a UK-based company, uses kinetic energy to power sustainable light in off-grid and in-need communities. To promote these efforts, Shell created 50 Nights to 50 Classic Stories—videos of classic stories from around the world available on YouTube (share your favorite and spread the word!).

The project was inspired by GravityLight’s efforts to create a light source that didn’t rely on kerosene or electricity, especially for countries like Kenya. It’s estimated nearly 80% of Kenyan households rely on kerosene for light and cooking—an unreliable and unhealthy light source. Kerosene is highly flammable, and is a main contributor to household fires in such communities.

Since the products launch in October of 2016, the benefits of a reliable light source have piled up. One such perk? The chance for school children to do their homework at night, thereby improving education and literacy in the area.

Check out how GravityLight harnessed kinetic energy from falling rocks, and learn how you can support clean, affordable light in these communities!



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