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             To aid and inspire the creative              

                process + creative people.                       


edi. was founded on a love for 'making real' the ideas in other's heads. That's why edi. offers a range of services so, no matter if you're writing a book or a company pitch, your project gets that finishing touch.

              To have time rather than make time.   

Whether for family bbq's, drinks with friends, or an island getaway, it can feel like we're making time rather than have time. edi. believes no one should spend countless hours proofing when edi. can take your document from acceptable to exceptional.

             To encourage learning.


edi. believes learning can happen at any age and at any time. That's why edi. strives to bring awareness to the literacy gap by supporting programs and organizations focused on the development of crucial reading, comprehension, and writing skills. 


             To help others.


Through partnerships, outreach, and a commitment to socially conscious business practices, edi. prioritizes giving back to our community and promoting equal opportunities for all.

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